What If

What if… is a scary question many evangelicals shy away from. Well, except maybe a few bold and courageous souls who step out and dare to be radical. They ask what if questions and push us to uncomfortable place to create a crisis of belief moment.

Christian author, Rachel Held Evans, passed away after a battle for life. Her husband, kids, doctors and family were forced to make an excruciating decision. I did not know her personally. To be honest, I only came to know about her through my wife’s knowledge of her and reading one of the author’s book together.

Getting to know Rachel through her writings, blog posts, and others tweets, I feel saddened that I didn’t pay attention to her work sooner. I read several posts stating how some people did not agree with everything she wrote. Honestly, I can say that about many people. But Rachel was courageous to be vulnerable and ask what if questions to stretch and grow her faith.

Think about it!

What questions are you fearful of asking?

What is keeping you from courageously growing in your faith?

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