Becoming a Mentor

Have you ever considered becoming a mentor? Mentoring is nothing new. However, I do think it’s a lost art of building an intentional relationship to help others grow. I am thankful for the many mentors who have come alongside me in my journey. What mentoring traits stand out the most for you? Think about it! … More Becoming a Mentor

Think Poor

What if you made decisions based on the premise of being poor? What would you change? Would you eat out less? Would you sell items you don’t use? What lengths would you go in making adjustments during a season of change?  Think about it! I’m reminded of the book of Ecclesiastes. In chapter one, Solomon is … More Think Poor


Do you like change? I like getting new things or trying out new tech. It’s cool to learn something new. I also can easily grow accustom to routine and dislike change. There’s just certain ways I like doing things. Change can be both liked and disliked. What causes you to have a negative feeling of … More Change

Growing Deep

“God’s purpose for us was not simply to forgive sins but to transform form our false self-to cleanse all its unrighteousness, to make us righteous, to restore us to our true self in loving relationship with God and in being Christlike in the world” M. Robert Mulholland What book are you currently reading? I have … More Growing Deep

Pushing Through

How do you get through the tough stuff? Doing something difficult takes time and energy. It’s difficult because it’s not something we want to do and it brings discomfort. It’s just not fun! The tough stuff is different for all of us. For some people home repair gives them nightmares. For me, it gives me a … More Pushing Through


How well do you know yourself?  A mark of a healthy leader is self-awareness. Knowing your limits, being courageous enough to set boundaries, understanding your weaknesses, and utilizing your strength. Self-awareness is forged through pain and mistakes. Self-Awareness is defined as “conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires. The process can be painful … More Self-Awareness

Your Legacy

What would people say about you at your funeral? That may sound like a weird question to ask. Think about it! What people say about you when you are gone is the legacy you leave behind. You can influence your legacy. Be brutally honest with yourself and imagine being at your own funeral and hearing the things people … More Your Legacy

Productivity Tools

What productivity tools do you use? For years I had used the Franklin Covey planner system. I attended their productivity courses and learned how to utilize their planner system. However, with the rise of technology, I slowly moved to devices. I struggled to find the right App. I tried Outlook, Apple ICal, Planner Plus, Nozbe, Evernote … More Productivity Tools